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Amaranth Arts Reboot

It has been a long time since an Amaranth performance. Although I have been embarking on many projects all over the globe, I have been not giving enough energy to making work for the company or developing projects to breathe life back into the company. It has taken me some time but Amaranth is about to reboot. 

Currently I am engaging in a documentary project, dance for camera project and building the groundwork for a duet and trio concert premiering in Richmond, VA in 2020. Starting small and working out from there seems to be the wisest way of building the kind of momentum necessary for some of the larger scale projects and touring. 

First things first as part of the reboot is an overhaul of the collection of websites I inhabit and to streamline them all under an umbrella site of scottputman.com. Stay tuned with all of that and with all the updates and opportunities to get involved and be a part of the creative force that is Amaranth Arts!!!!


Go West Amaranth, Go West!

I am pleased to announce that Amaranth will be RETURNING to Denver School for the Arts this fall to participate once again in our annual choreographic residency. We are very excited to return to the school and their amazing students to share our work and the newly minted work by four celebrated choreographers. 

This year finds us expanding our residency and inviting one more choreographer to join us on this adventure. It is an honor to be sharing the stage and choreography with the incredibly talented Stephanie Martinez, Robert Gosnell and Casey Noblett. 

In addition, I am creating two new duets that I am thrilled to have the luxury of creating and dancing in. What is really wonderful is I get to return to dancing along side two incredibly gifted dancers I have adored for an eternity. I am thrilled to be shaping the new works with Nathan Brumbaugh and Ashley Flaner. What a gift and honor this will be. 

Where: Denver School for the Arts- Denver, Colorado

When: October 12-22, 2016. Performances October 21/22

Stay tuned for more information and updates on how to get tickets and share in our wonderful event, RETURNING.


Amaranth and Cadence Collaborate on Equus

We are circling the wagons and getting back into gear here in Richmond, VA. I am very pleased to share that Amaranth will be collaborating with Cadence Theatre to present Equus this fall in Richmond, VA. It has been such a delightful working process and both organizations are thrilled to be working together and collaborating on what will prove to be an incredible production. The entire team is quite remarkable. Stay tuned for details regarding dates and tickets.


Amaranth Contemporary Dance Promotional DVD

Excerpts taken from Experiment in White Concert


Shifting Clouds

A collaborative concert with Denver School for the Arts as part of our annual residency

Amaranth Contemporary Dance