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Current Projects

Energy is Everything, is a return to the exploration of science and philosophy. Shaping and defining space and time through a deeper understanding of energy, is the focus of this period of my work. I have found myself moving forward and deepening my thoughts and exploration about energy and therefore expanding my interest in mastering the crafting of space and time. I return to understand an even deeper part of myself so that I might share a more humanistic voice inside the abstract contemporary imagery presented on stage.

Swerve Space

Video and photos from a rehearsal of “Swerve Space,” a collaborative project with sculptor Matt King  and choreographer Scott Putman. The performative installation and dance score are drawn from experiences that we’ve come to expect in retail spaces: choosing between one product and the next, glancing in a mirror, waiting in line. Dancers Rachel Brady, Paige Horton, Jill Brammer Ware, and Amy Page Wilhelm performing.


Past Projects

Architectonics of Space and Time, an expedition of correlating architectural concepts as compositional and choreographic tools while organizing time, allowing inquiry into the exploration of unique physical languages by exploring, defining and shaping space. The examination of these ideas was a tool for expanding  the choreographic voice while challenging how movement relates to, accentuates and is experienced in environments that define how we see space and unique body languages inside that space.

The work generated during this project was directly linked to the  probing of architecture as a new way of seeing and speaking about technique. How do we design our internal space? How does the body system and its architecture allow for the cultivation of a sacred vessel to channel energy in order to define proximal and distal space that arranges time and the moving body in the architectonics of choreography?

Experiment In White was an evening of multimedia collaboration in dance weaving tandem movements of contemporary physics with modern art into a three dimensional visual event. The project is the culmination of a four-year investigation to justify and examine Scott Putman’s philosophy that “Choreography is the art of shaping energy in space”.

All six works in the project analyze concepts of space, time and light paralleled with movements in modern art such as Fauvism, Cubism and Futurism. While working to explore new ways of presenting energy as imagery, the work investigates how to create unique vibrations with energy allowing visual experiences that are distinct and unique to each dance.

Each work is the culmination of chaotic instinct, vision and technique. As passionate and ephemeral as dance is, there is a science to it. This science is not a formula or equation, but rather the workings of chaos theory through the combination of intricately designed fractal images. Among all these variables the one constant element is the choice to costume each work in white. The experiment and challenge is to transform the audiences experience so they transcend the constant while being transported by imagery and design.


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